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Service Learning Abroad

Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity for students and service learning is a great way for students to give back to these communities. Service-learning is an educational approach that balances formal instruction and direction with the opportunity to serve in the community in order to provide a pragmatic, progressive learning experience. Service-Learning must properly connect the traditional classroom experience with the real life lessons that come through service.We encourage students to explore these opportunities relative to their own academic and professional experience and goals. 

South Africa Service Learning Program

Marquette's South Africa Service Learning Program is based in cosmopolitan Cape Town, at the southern tip of the African continent.
While living in Cape Town, you will become acquainted with South Africa's rich history and see firsthand how the country is rebuilding itself after decades of government-enforced-apartheid. Cape Town's diverse socioeconomic communities will become your classroom and its leaders your teachers.

You will have the opportunity to visit significant South African historical and cultural sites, such as Table Mountain, historic District 6 in the city's center and Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela and other political prisoners were incarcerated during apartheid. In addition to a spectacular array of wildlife unique to South Africa, you will experience powerful literary and artistic voices, traditional music, delicious foods and diverse architecture.

The South Africa Service Learning Program, in conjunction with the University of the Western Cape, builds upon Marquette’s strong tradition of service learning. The program offers you the unique opportunity to increase their understanding of the people, history, culture and traditions of South Africa through integrated academic course work and direct immersion into the culture through community-based service.

You can find more information here.


Australian Catholic University

Join ACU's Study Abroad plus Community Engagement combination to integrate your study with volunteer service. Interacting with the local community on several levels will add unquestionable value to your study abroad experience and allow you to put theory into practice.This unit combines three weeks of lectures and a 90 hour placement in a not-for-profit community organisation. Reflecting on your experience will be a significant component of the program. The Study Abroad plus Community Engagement program is offered in partnership with ACU’s Institute for Advancing Community Engagement (IACE). The Institute has been established by ACU to advance the development of mutually beneficial and sustainable community engagement. Full program information can be found here.

Individuals with degree qualifications or higher are needed to help mentor and support adult students from disadvantaged backgrounds who have never had the chance to access tertiary study. The Clemente program (ACU in partnership with CatholicCare) provides a pathway into tertiary education, allowing adult students the opportunity to engage with study for the first time, to help reach their full potential.


John Cabot University

JCU Service Learning "Combining Fieldwork and Education" promotes co-curricular activities for students and graduates interested in working in the humanitarian field; it has been conceived as a resource to prepare them for a life of civic engagement, enhancing their career development by connecting educational goals with service to those in need. It also aims at supporting projects that go towards the development of vulnerable areas in Rome, such as the Tiburtino III district, where JCU operates in partnership with the Italian Red Cross. This fantastic opportunity consists of an internship with a significant fieldwork component at a humanitarian organization. The Service Learning project will include tutoring and orientation, and also seminars, lectures, workshops that the students will be required to attend. You can find more information here.

John Felice Rome Center

Students enrolled in the ROST 382 course Human Rights: The View from Rome, will study theory, actuality and application of select human rights issues in the Mediterranean region as viewed from the perspective of Rome.  This course includes 24 hours of required practical engagement with the local community. 

The Non-Profit agencies they work with are:

  • Joel Nafuma Refugee Center, located in the historical crypt of the Episcopalian Church of Saint Paul’s Within the Walls, the JNRC is the only recreational day center in Rome accessible to refugees.
  • The Jesuit Refugee Services, located in the Caravita refectory, two steps away from St. Ignatius’ Church, has been serving food to hundreds of poor for 25 years.
  • Service in Balduina District
  • Monte Mario Hike and Clean-Up Day
You can find more information here.

Saint Louis University

SLU has a numerous amount of service opportunities for students. You can find this selection and their descriptions here. A popluar service is with Madreselva ONGD. They are  Madrid-based Salesian NGO focused on development programs worldwide. If you are interested in volunteering on a short-term basis in another country, this is a good place to start. They also have many volunteer opportunities in Madrid. For more information go to or send them an email

Universidad Alberto Hurtado

Course on Poverty and Development:
This course is created especially for foreign students. The course consists of dual aspects, delivering a strong theoretical grounding in aspects of poverty and social justice while at the same time inserting the student directly in a Social Project with people who live in situations of marginality and poverty.

University College Dublin

UCD offers numerous volunteer opportunities for students.  

To find a volunteering opportunity that will match your specific interests and skills please visit

St. Vincent de Paul is a charitable organization that is always looking for volunteers.

The School of Business offer a 5-ECTS Service Learning module (BMGT20080) which run's on Mondays from 1-3pm.Service Learning is a style of teaching which focuses on encouraging 'learning by doing'. Students on this module will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills by completing a business project for a local charity or non-profit organization. By making that important link between theory and practice, students will also be able to explore the key management issues affecting the non-profit sector, while making a valuable contribution to the local community.
This is a project-based course with a considerable amount of group work. All students will be assessed on both their group work and their individual contribution to the project

For the volunteering jobs where children may be involved, the applicant must go through Garda vetting which may take awhile to process. This is recommended for students studying abroad for more than one semester. More information can be found here.